SWJTU holds Celebratory Lunch for the Delegates of 2014 Master Degree Candidates
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SWJTU recently held a celebratory lunch for the delegates of the 2014 master degree candidates, with the hopes of showing appreciation on behalf of SWJTU and a promising future. This is a very important occasion for the outstanding graduates to share their stories about study and life in SWJTU, and discuss their planning for the future.

The short film The Glorious TimeⅡ, which features the 2014 graduation, was screened at the beginning of the lunch. It portrays the SWJTU students’ persistence in pursuing academic achievements and college life in general.

“I believe you have spent most of your time in writing theses and conducting experiments. Admittedly, it is dull and arduous. However, I believe that it is the academic results that can bring you enormous excitement and inspire you to ascend to the top in academia,” Feng Xiaoyun, Vice President of SWJTU, told his students.

“I sincerely hope your pursuit of academic affairs is a life-long process and that you stick to the essences thoroughly. “ Feng expressed in his wishes.

The student delegates Li Gang and Condi from Guinea delivered a speech respectively and shared their experiences in SWJTU with other students.

This lunch included eighteen tables which represented the eighteen times of transfer of campus location from northern China to the southwest region we are currently in today– that current location being Chengdu.

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