SWJTU wins the National College Robot Contest
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SWJTU has beaten the record in the 13th National College Robot Contest – winning First Prize and Best Creativity Award. The SWJTU team was led by Professor Gao Hongli from the School of Mechanical Engineering.

Since 2002, National College Robot Contest has been recognized as one of the prevalent extracurricular scientific competitions renowned for the incomparable academic vales among China. It provides a platform for engineering students around China to demonstrate and exchange the latest results in mechatronics technology.

Each team was required to utilize their knowledge of mechanical drawing, sensing technology, autocontrol and other fields to design a “child” robot and “adult” robot. During three minutes, the “adult” robot must play with the “child” robot using the seesaw, swings and climbing stairs. The robot pair which fell down the least wins the competition. 29 universities participated, including Harbin Institute of Technology, Xi`an Jiaotong University and Xia Men University.

The SWJTU team comprised of 20 students, all with academic backgrounds in mechanical engineering and information science. After nearly 6 months of preparation and countless trials, the “child” robot and the “adult” robot was created and impressed the judges, opening up new vistas of research for robots.



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