SWJTU gains its voice in major Chinese journals through innovations in science and technology
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News China and China Economist, two major Chinese journals, have covered SWJTU’s latest achievements in prompting cooperation between SWJTU and major enterprises, transferring the scientific results into industrial productivity and improving the environment conducive to the growth of science and technology-oriented enterprises.

How did they attain these achievements? The two journals focus on the recent developments of transportation engineering, especially those of high-speed railway.

News China analyzed the channels and methods adopted by SWJTU to spur the development and maintain the social impact of SWJTU National University Science Park among China. As a systematical work, the transformations of scientific results lie on the integration of the advantages of our sophisticated technology and skilled research people with the market demands. It requires an accurate estimation of the market and the more active involvements of research people.

“China has been dedicated to the innovation and development of high-speed railway technology in the past decade. This has allowed China to become a major country for providing the sustainable assistance and support within high-speed railway technology. The State Key Laboratory of Traction Power in SWJTU has undertaken the trials of most of the high-speed trains before their launch; and SWJTU has developed the SCADA system with independent technology statistics and independent operation system. “News China describes SWJTU in his articles.

SWJTU’s great contribution in high-speed railway technology is a powerful engine driving the growth of China’s economy and further unlocking and enhancing the vigor of the society. Just as the Ping Pong Diplomacy which was appreciated by the last generation of Chinese people, High-speed Railway will be another important opportunity for Chinese government to succeed in improving its global presence and maintaining its regional and global impact.

The establishment of the SWJTU Institute of Tianfu New Area aims at further coordinating the researches of high-speed railway and bringing birth an industrial cluster oriented in high-speed railway. The projects conducted by the institute, including railway wagon and EMU braking friction disk with a fund of over 3,000,000,00 RMB, will be completed in the following three years and attain a total industrial output value of 5,000,000,00 RMB at the end of the fifth year.

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